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1 PAGE: #34

Da dreams duly sown (in fields, fallow), Art and his Crew wrote somethin’ pithy and useful #twitterfiction-ally … Dey’d ne’er starve … if da pithy … were useful.

Da odds? Astronomical; albeit slim and none summed da objective nonfictional odds, a course and #twitterfiction headings were set … Da heading … due north.

Da chances? Equally astronomical, given albeit too dat mankind (da idiot savant), has penchant and proclivity in nonfictional #twitterfiction, for inefficient development.

Dat better mouse traps had ere been built and great books had ever ere been written in nonfictional #twitterfiction left him stirred … but not shaken.

For it’s been Arthur’s overriding confidence in Da Him of whom hymns are sung dat’s given Arthur, in #twitterfiction, strength to heal humanity, albeit not himself (in nonfiction).

OR BOTH. A (wo)man’s #twitterfictional) writin’ changes dem, just as time, change, authors. Arthur’s well better than he once was, before when Arthur, became author.

BOTH ARE THE GOAL, da Holy Grail, to da (#twitterfictional) healing power of Art, doctors and educators. Too few others know. Yet others are keepin’ Kim’s Plan … under cover.