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Roll of the Nations: Abkhazia

Abkhazia: To Georgian language speakers of Gali and beyond: Sow what we

all know in our hearts. We are, our brothers’ keepers. Fittingly …

… I, Bagrat Shinkuba, of a Ubykh nation am honored to tweet this first entry

of AN ATLAS, POETIC, Abkhazia being, neither state, nor colony.

But it is a ‘wannabe’ nation. That is enough, for the purposes of this tome;

part history, part sociology, part obituary, of your earthly home.

For while everything has purpose, it’s not unusual for one’s purpose to be,

forever to one, a mystery; forever, an unrealized, potentiality.

Go to Art’s, we poets all dreamt. Drink, eat and compose from soirees there,

an epic story from tweets bundled into units of 980, characters.

Eat, drink, be merry and compose we all dreamt, epigrams akin to Emily’s

Ovid’s and Homer’s. Tell, from the epigrams, a telling, story.

So (in between, prayer) we’ve been merry; eating, drinking and more topically

telling a telling story; so dreamt we poets, albeit, incredibly.


Acculturation, the modification of the original culture of individuals
or groups through prolonged contact with different cultures
has, up until recently, been a rare phenomenon. The internet’s potential
to acculturate … surely … is treasure.

Acculturation’s a natural process, not readily appreciated in the absence
of an expansive perspective, as, for example,
from the Creator’s point of view. In His view, irrelevant is difference,
but indifference … is … abominable.

Time for Global Truth and Reconciliation; surreally, whether you think we
can, or whether you think we can’t, you’re right, absolutely!
And so, The Wine and Cheese Miracles; prose, poetry, tragedy and comedy;
nonfiction … posing as fiction … ironically.

In poems melding Ovid’s and Emily’s about change and a letter, visionaries
ask of you: Of what good are borders and nationalities?
From a nonfictional dream, a poetic and prosaic tragi-comedy,
and prophesy too … for prediction … is prophesy.

Arthur prayed to his deity, He of the Jews, Christians and Muslims;
praying he’ll find … the missing Bohemians.
Allah/Jehovah/God/Yahweh as if answered in dreams: “Tweet to the denizens,
a blog and a book …. Write, to your global … co-citizens”.

Let’s take shortcuts in this surreal reality to peace and prosperity. Alchemically
speaking, the internet is the Philosopher’s Stone. We are … but one … only.
Let’s take shortcuts to peace and prosperity. Abnegate nationality. Accent humanity,
and upon what others have built … build atop it … opportunity.

And so, inspired by Ovid and Emily, Arthur wrote a fiction, non-fictionally.
This tribal nation-state thing is untenable … undeniably.
“To be … or not to be ….” So wrote the great Willy. It’s past time we
take a page from that play and ponder its implications … sagely.