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The @DisneyPixar #Twitterfiction Connection

Truth’s stranger by far than fiction in ’s  … prospering

while educating … while ‘s … entertaining.

The fly on the wall is darn near universally everywhere, in #twitterfiction.

What’s the bug-eyed crusader, Buzz Ard, of our nations, written?

Kisses, hugs, sighs, merciless eviscerations, beheadings, rapes, and, in

#twitterfiction, screams. Buzz … on all man’s stages … feeding.

Kong the ape over Charlotte’s giddy. Abhorring change in #twitterfiction,

Kong’s temptations; wine, she-apes, drinking-songs and television.

Why epic poetry and not prose as the means, in #twitterfiction of transmission?

It’s because poetry’s more lyrical than its prosaic, cousin.

Letting wild dreams take flight, one wonders if @DisneyPixar, in #twitterfiction‘s,

up to animating AN ATLAS, POETIC; nonfictional, fiction.

Therein, an earthly author and a menagerie of intergalactics, from

soirees in #twitterfiction with deceased poets; voices … of nations.

Therein, the intergalactic Buzz, the fly, Kong the ape, and Lou, the lemming

join in #twitterfiction, Job, Nerd and Art … in storytelling.

Therein between them, the six (counting the human) intergalactics, pen, in

#twitterfiction, to a terrified humanity, viable … suggestions.

Therein between them, the six (counting the human) intergalactics, pen, in

#twitterfiction, of probabilities, possibilities and, algorithms.

On possibilities, algorithms, history’s science, religion’s alchemy, lemming

syndromes and paradigms (in #twitterfiction), so, controlling.

Lemming syndromes and paradigm matrices  are controlling, in #twitterfiction,

but we have, in reserve, laughter therapy and behavior … modification.




Excerpt from a long-read (THE WINE AND CHEESE MIRACLES … AN ATLAS, POETIC); therein, within the entire midsection of the manuscript, The Roll-Call of the Nations, the legal (and illegal leaders) of the nations and territories are, via interview by Arthur Everman, polled:

To the Mingrelian, Georgian et al, language speakers of Sukhumi and beyond: Sow what we
all know in our hearts. Freedom is not free. Fittingly,
alphabetically speaking, this first entry of AN ATLAS, POETIC is neither state, nor colony.
It is merely … a national … wannabe.

According to a survey held in 2003, 60% of Abkhazs identify themselves as Christian,
16% as Muslim, 8% as atheist or irreligious; another
8% adhere to the traditional Abkhazi religion or as Pagan;
6% are undecided and 2% … as follower of religions … other.

Arthur Everman asked of President Raul Khadjimba: No, freedom has not ever been free.
You and yours well know that by now. Given that it’s very costly,
aren’t the paradigm matrices that immure us and the lemming syndrome that afflicts us, surely,
by piecemeal peace … wearing us down … inexorably?

Raul’s reply: Indeed, costly freedoms, dearly won, seem illusory when all that’s left to
eat are flags, rags and battle cries. Accordingly, I am urging my people to
consider whether all peoples wouldn’t be better served by a man-made groundswell to
globalize government, in order to more equitably, wealth … accrue.

Goal: To impress upon the ninety-nine percent of us that the sovereign-nation-state model that inordinately benefits but a fraction of the one percent to wield power … inordinate. In wine and cheese ‘mixers,’ miracles … happen.

My Question: What would you have Arthur Everman ask the leader of your nation or territory?