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Fear of Muslims in US, fear of Muslims in a European, Union; fear of Muslims

seemingly, near everywhere; must it forever be us, versus them?

It may be, albeit, unlikely, that visionaries step up. Arthur Everman’s poetry,

a letter to the nations, a la the poetry, of my dear Emily.

Arthur’s poetry is, a la Emily’s Dickinson’s, a letter to the world, a la Willy’s,

plays on words and a la Rumi’s, ruminations on mysteries.

Art draws inspiration from the lives of the poets; from the westerners Emily

Dickinson and Willy Shakespeare, to an easterner known as Rumi.

From history’s poets, philosophers and scientists Arthur draws inspiration;

and from Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh’s most magnificent creations.

Platformless, Art writes on 3 levels; 140 character tweets metamorphose into 980

character blog logs and a book; a poor man’s … publicity.

  and; surreal twin analogs

preview Art’s AN ATLAS, POETIC; epigrammatically poetic tweets and a blog.




Experimental, Internet-Linked, Poetry

MUST READ: Kurdish region in Syria legislates FULL equality for its women.
Take that … al-Baghdadi! http://www.kwch.com/news/national/ghitis-on-womens
-rights-kurds-slap-at-isis/29757164#.VGrJxTuFvNg.twitter … #twitterfiction

NBC and Netflix drop Bill Cosby projects like white-hot potatoes amid allegations
of sexual assaults. http://nydn.us/14KTELE #twitterfiction

ANOTHER MUST READ: Humanity Counts on Global Citizens, Too Young to be
Reading … http://wp.me/p2NwTR-vP; nonfiction … #twitterfiction-ally.

TO: @Facebook, @google, @CNN and @FoxNews, a movement is a-borning;
@Twitter @chachomanopapa & chachomanopapa.wordpress.com’s, a-blogging.

Who, or What, is Chachomanopapa?

Who, or what, is chachomanopapa? Chachomanopapa’s a means to an end.
Viral, not physical, it is less a who, than
a what. It is many things. One is a symbol of an idea whose time’s at hand,
amongst them questions like, “What’s the plan … Stan?”

Every two syllables are the Spanish diminutives for, boy, brother and father,
fashioned into an evocatively provocative single
word. The transcendences we undergo from boys to fathers
and from girls to mothers, mirror our lives, our challenge-laden … crucibles.

Chachomanopapa’s meant to both noun and verb be; to be that place on the net
where we’re reborn, learn, earn, and transcend to views that come
into view, from atop the mountaintop from atop which Dr. King (who can forget),
dreamt of a world … more like … His Kingdom … come.


Al Baghdadi, an Islamic scholar of Sharia Law, in #twitterfiction-al nonfiction,
may be considered benevolent. Convert, or face … execution.

Convert, or face … execution. In #twitterfiction-al nonfiction, those are your options
whether ye be Yazidi, Christian or a Shia … Muslim.

Al Baghdadi’s Islamic State men aren’t personable individuals; they don’t discriminate,
in nonfictional #twitterfiction, between apostates.

In #twitterfiction, the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIS), is now IS
(Islamic State). The question now, is: What, in hell, is IS?

Ergo, in #twitterfiction, previews to AN ATLAS, POETIC: Poetry about history,
spirituality, and eschatology; epigrams, and a blog, unitary.

#Twitterfiction: Follow @chachomanopapa on Twitter and a surreal analog,
chachomanopapa.wordpress.com; historic poetry, from tweets, and a blog.