Experimental, Internet-Linked, Poetry

MUST READ: Kurdish region in Syria legislates FULL equality for its women.
Take that … al-Baghdadi! http://www.kwch.com/news/national/ghitis-on-womens
-rights-kurds-slap-at-isis/29757164#.VGrJxTuFvNg.twitter … #twitterfiction

NBC and Netflix drop Bill Cosby projects like white-hot potatoes amid allegations
of sexual assaults. http://nydn.us/14KTELE #twitterfiction

ANOTHER MUST READ: Humanity Counts on Global Citizens, Too Young to be
Reading … http://wp.me/p2NwTR-vP; nonfiction … #twitterfiction-ally.

TO: @Facebook, @google, @CNN and @FoxNews, a movement is a-borning;
@Twitter @chachomanopapa & chachomanopapa.wordpress.com’s, a-blogging.

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