Humanity’s Counting on Global Citizens … Too Young … to be Reading

Two years ago and some days ago Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan was wantonly
shot in the head by a gunman of the Pakistani
Taliban. Recently, she was honored by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. She’s
sharing the 2014 peace prize with Indian … Kailash Satyarthi.

Irony abounds here. Malala’s world-widely famous at seventeen. Kailash, at sixty,
is less renowned. Kailash is an Indian Hindu. Malala is a Muslim, Pakistani.
Geographically speaking, India and Pakistan, are neighboring countries;
that notwithstanding, they are less than neighborly … politically.

These two nations, one predominantly Muslim, the other predominantly
Hindu, mirror the abstract spiritual schisms, that so haunt, humanity.
Would that more people begin to mirror these two laureates, so recently
honored. No doubt, they’d agree: Abnegate nationality. Exalt … humanity.

For the Big Three (a tongue-in-cheek characterization of the Muslims, Christians
and Jews), egocentric misinterpretation of our Scriptures,
Scriptures Abrahamic all, albeit sharing, many personages and doctrines,
are screwing up, for the spiritually … non-Big-Three-aligned … The Big Picture.

That being the case, perhaps the most hopeful harbingers of global solidarity
to arise from that day’s prize announcements are the invitations, timely,
by prize winners Malala and Kailash, to the political leaders of their countries;
to join them on the podium when they receive their Nobels … from the Committee.

Should such a scenario come to pass, then the Norwegian Nobel Committee
may be, along with its joint Indian and Pakistani
2014 peace honorees, amongst visionaries that see that peace and prosperity
awaits but a planet that abnegates nationalities … in favor of … humanity.

Irony abounds here indeed; and that an aged Hindu Indian and a young Pakistani
Muslim girl are amongst the latest Nobel laureates is, ironically,
the least of it; for Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh is the Creator of the Big Three,
their estranged brothers and of … a Big Picture … cosmologically.

Alas, India’s Modi aspires that his nation be an arms dealer in a big way;
and there’s no such thing as a … global citizenship day;
but in this surreal nonfiction … where there’s a will … there’s a way.
ALLAH/GOD/JEHOVAH/YAHWEH willing, where there is a will, there is a way.

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