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Al Baghdadi, an Islamic scholar of Sharia Law, in #twitterfiction-al nonfiction,
may be considered benevolent. Convert, or face … execution.

Convert, or face … execution. In #twitterfiction-al nonfiction, those are your options
whether ye be Yazidi, Christian or a Shia … Muslim.

Al Baghdadi’s Islamic State men aren’t personable individuals; they don’t discriminate,
in nonfictional #twitterfiction, between apostates.

In #twitterfiction, the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIS), is now IS
(Islamic State). The question now, is: What, in hell, is IS?

Ergo, in #twitterfiction, previews to AN ATLAS, POETIC: Poetry about history,
spirituality, and eschatology; epigrams, and a blog, unitary.

#Twitterfiction: Follow @chachomanopapa on Twitter and a surreal analog,
chachomanopapa.wordpress.com; historic poetry, from tweets, and a blog.


Ours is a surreal and seemingly impossible mission in #twitterfiction;
forgive the trespasses of others, and be led not … into temptation.

In #twitterfiction, hate is born of perverted spirituality; the Muslim
Sunni and Shia reminiscent of, Catholics and Protestant, Christian.

It is supremely easy, #twitterfiction, for the talking heads to ignore me
(an individual) but ignoring a global community, won’t be … as easy.

Wanted, indeed, needed is a groundswell. One that abnegates surrealities
such as nationality, in #twitterfiction, in favor of … humanity.

Ergo, in #twitterfiction, AN ATLAS … POETIC; a prayer and a plea,
for Mandela-Tutu-like global truth and reconciliation … please.

In #twitterfiction, AN ATLAS, POETIC; poetry about history, sociology
and eschatology; irony in verse, for each nation … and territory.


In #twitterfiction, hate is born of perverse spirituality; the Sunni and Shia Muslim
reminiscent of Catholics and Protestants … Christian.

In #twitterfiction, hate’s born of perverse spirituality and nationality,
whether in caliphates restored or nation-states … traditionally.

#Twitterfiction-al insight, more than hindsight, and more than foresight, best
illumes meaningfulness, from the shadow of … meaninglessness.

In #twitterfiction, previews to AN ATLAS TWEETED; poetry about history, spirituality
and eschatology, from epigrams, and a blog … unitary.

#Twitterfiction: Come to @chachomanopapa on Twitter and its surrealistic analog, chachomanopapa.wordpress.com. Poetry about history from tweets, and a blog.