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Fear of Muslims in US, fear of Muslims in a European, Union; fear of Muslims

seemingly, near everywhere; must it forever be us, versus them?

It may be, albeit, unlikely, that visionaries step up. Arthur Everman’s poetry,

a letter to the nations, a la the poetry, of my dear Emily.

Arthur’s poetry is, a la Emily’s Dickinson’s, a letter to the world, a la Willy’s,

plays on words and a la Rumi’s, ruminations on mysteries.

Art draws inspiration from the lives of the poets; from the westerners Emily

Dickinson and Willy Shakespeare, to an easterner known as Rumi.

From history’s poets, philosophers and scientists Arthur draws inspiration;

and from Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh’s most magnificent creations.

Platformless, Art writes on 3 levels; 140 character tweets metamorphose into 980

character blog logs and a book; a poor man’s … publicity.

  and; surreal twin analogs

preview Art’s AN ATLAS, POETIC; epigrammatically poetic tweets and a blog.