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NOT Just Another …’The Sky is Falling’ … Story

AN ATLAS POETIC: History is His story retold fittingly, in epic poetry; and in ‘s,

mutant, literature. cc: ,

Once upon a time One asked in a dream one person from every land, in ,

to pen a poem, to every nation. cc: ,

“What ten words do you, to humanity, bequeath?” An odd question, in ,

and inception to transformation. cc:  

“Write it and they will come.” Epigrams become tweets of and to the nations in

 became AN ATLAS POETIC. cc:  

God -ed a gaggle of intergalactics to save humanity, in ,

from fates … previously … written. cc:  

Five angels and an angel-trainee -ed by God to save His creation, in

from its own, extinction. cc: ,

And so, AN ATLAS POETIC: His story, history and synergy’s alchemy; in ,

epic poetry … to the nations. cc:  

Therein Buzz, the fly, Kong the ape, Lou, the lemming join Job, Nerd and, in ,

Art … in storytelling. cc:  

What needs to be read by everyone on the planet can not be, in ,

while bottled up in , streams. cc:  

What needs to be read by every man and woman on the planet, in ,

has been read but by, Arthur Everman. cc:  

A thin veneer of civilization masks, a savage beast, lurking, in ,

within the heart of every, (wo)man. cc: ,

History and prophesy mitigate against plurality rescuing and saving, in ,

a sovereign-based, humanity. cc: ,

AN ATLAS POETIC: On reality, surrealism, fictions, nonfictions & in

neuro-scientific, science-fiction. cc:  

Behavior mod works well in individuals and it may work more dramatically, in

for we fractious nations. cc:  

AN ATLAS, POETIC; nonfictional, fiction. Laughter therapy and behavior modification … in

ironic … . cc:  

Behavior modification; worth trying because conflict on Earth is in ,

domestic violence, in nonfiction. cc:  

Alchemical potentials, metaphysical; and, transcendental transformations; in ,

easy. A, B, C … easy! cc: ,

AN ATLAS POETIC: On reality, surrealism, fictions, nonfictions & in ;

NOT Just Another … ‘The Sky is Falling’ … story. cc:  

AN ATLAS POETIC; a compendium of deceased poets’ pleas, in ,

for global, truth and … reconciliation. cc: ,

Letting wild dreams take flight, one wonders if @DisneyPixar, in #twitterfiction‘s,

up to animating AN ATLAS, POETIC; nonfictional, fiction? cc:  

‘s Art tweets and posts excerpts from … in  …


Who, or What, is Chachomanopapa?

Who, or what, is chachomanopapa? Chachomanopapa’s a means to an end.
Viral, not physical, it is less a who, than
a what. It is many things. One is a symbol of an idea whose time’s at hand,
amongst them questions like, “What’s the plan … Stan?”

Every two syllables are the Spanish diminutives for, boy, brother and father,
fashioned into an evocatively provocative single
word. The transcendences we undergo from boys to fathers
and from girls to mothers, mirror our lives, our challenge-laden … crucibles.

Chachomanopapa’s meant to both noun and verb be; to be that place on the net
where we’re reborn, learn, earn, and transcend to views that come
into view, from atop the mountaintop from atop which Dr. King (who can forget),
dreamt of a world … more like … His Kingdom … come.


Arthur, the intestate layman, turned lawyer, turned lush … turned lyrical philosopher,
has learned invaluable truths … not in school … but asleep.
In an otherworldly realm between life and death, answered has been Arthur’s plaintive prayer:
What if … from “what if” … rich harvests … we reap?

And what if from the corollary “to be or not to be” … untold benefits, we similarly … reap?
And what if, come an inaugural ‘global citizenship day’,
wide awake, we await the transcendence, that may then take place? What if awake, not asleep,
we cast away … tried … and tired … old ways?