Who, or What, is Chachomanopapa?

Who, or what, is chachomanopapa? Chachomanopapa’s a means to an end.
Viral, not physical, it is less a who, than
a what. It is many things. One is a symbol of an idea whose time’s at hand,
amongst them questions like, “What’s the plan … Stan?”

Every two syllables are the Spanish diminutives for, boy, brother and father,
fashioned into an evocatively provocative single
word. The transcendences we undergo from boys to fathers
and from girls to mothers, mirror our lives, our challenge-laden … crucibles.

Chachomanopapa’s meant to both noun and verb be; to be that place on the net
where we’re reborn, learn, earn, and transcend to views that come
into view, from atop the mountaintop from atop which Dr. King (who can forget),
dreamt of a world … more like … His Kingdom … come.

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