A Watcher’s commission: I, Penueme, he who introduced mankind to poetry,

have been commissioned by The He who created him, to save humanity.

Humanity is devolving far too quickly; far more quickly, than it is evolving;

especially now, that both ISIS and The Donny are … arriving.

We Watchers, we rebel angels, (the Jinn, in Islam), defeated long, long ago by

the forces of our Creator (Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh), long to die.

We Watchers, we, the Nephilim of Genesis, long to die; our sentences, lengthy:

to view, in chains, your tragi-comic re-runs … perpetually.

Watchers, watching re-runs, in chains, perpetually; sounds like Hell to me,

but thankfully He is … The All-Merciful and … The Almighty.

We Watchers, lovers of women, have long … longed to die; it’s up to me,

Penueme, to help Art, a pitiful creature, write novel-like, poetry.

The commission is this one: Write to the children of the nations. Let 140

characters teach them the wisdom best to best Abu and The Donny.

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