Platformless, Art writes on 3 levels;  140 character tweets metamorphose to 980

character blog logs and a book; a very poor man’s, publicity.

AN ATLAS, POETIC: Epigrams become very concise blog log entries; 140×7=980

characters; alchemic letters, to the nations, epigrammatically.

A formula for poetry, no matter the tongue: Prior to an 83rd character, end

then with the sound that one would have the second line … end.

Lectors may confirm, if they persevere through so many tweets, that (errors

aside), each tweet/epigram’s length is, exactly, 140 characters.

Arthur Everman’s School of Free Poetry @chachomanopapa: the composition

of epigrams is Art’s specialty, no matter, the medium.

The medium written of (in the prior tweet) refers to the tongue of the tweeter.

‘s Art tweets in American English, on Twitter.

Arthur Everman’s School of Poetry @chachomanopapa; on poetic composition,

of epigrammatic, couplets … no matter the tongue, of the citizen.

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