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“What ten words do you, to humanity, bequeath?” An intriguing question;

the inception to an alchemical introspection and … transformation.

That question, posed to Arthur (Art) Everman, post 9-11, was asked of Art,

by a faceless one.  “Who”, asked Art, “are you?” “Your counterpart” …

… he replied … cryptically . “More specifically, I am, Art, Penemue,  a fallen

angel.” 400 (200 princes and 200 followers), fathered … the Nephilim.

Nephilim (the giant men of renown in Genesis) were fathered by the fallen.

All but three of the 400 are in chains a-waiting the Day of Judgment.

The chained are the fallen angels who married and commenced in unions

with human women, and who taught … knowledge … forbidden.

The unchained three remain unchained because they married and fathered

not, Nephilim and because what they taught (wo)men, to Him, answered.

To wit, while 397 of the fallen, lusted after, married, and procreated Nephilim,

three, albeit fallen, revealed knowledge … not forbidden.




A Watcher’s commission: I, Penueme, he who introduced mankind to poetry,

have been commissioned by The He who created him, to save humanity.

Humanity is devolving far too quickly; far more quickly, than it is evolving;

especially now, that both ISIS and The Donny are … arriving.

We Watchers, we rebel angels, (the Jinn, in Islam), defeated long, long ago by

the forces of our Creator (Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh), long to die.

We Watchers, we, the Nephilim of Genesis, long to die; our sentences, lengthy:

to view, in chains, your tragi-comic re-runs … perpetually.

Watchers, watching re-runs, in chains, perpetually; sounds like Hell to me,

but thankfully He is … The All-Merciful and … The Almighty.

We Watchers, lovers of women, have long … longed to die; it’s up to me,

Penueme, to help Art, a pitiful creature, write novel-like, poetry.

The commission is this one: Write to the children of the nations. Let 140

characters teach them the wisdom best to best Abu and The Donny.