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In fictional nonfiction (AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC) we are all stardust holes of illusion …

and … imagination.  

The ideal GOP (Republican) candidate for the Dems; a mouth, long ago, gone

mutant; a mouth, .  

That mutant mouth is ; the cacophonic instrument of a Republican

… public … emasculation.

Head-holes  are good; God-given spaces for senses; in elections

tho’, no room for .

He who studied at Wharton thanks not vets like McCain for his deferments for in

nonfiction, he’s a .  

No room for views from -in-chief  in elections

forthcoming. But, why not … debate?  

In fictional nonfiction (AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC), we are all stardust holes of illusion

… and … imagination.  


Ain’t freedom cool? But freedoms ain’t free; and  reveals a timber

presidential … fragile.  

The Donald  reveals a timber presidential fragile, belying, in

irony, a prodigious … mouth.  

The Donald ; in dire need of sensitivity training, if only in

furtherance of … aspirations.  

The Donald ; in dire need of renewed hair and moniker;

head-hole seems, extraordinarily, apt.  

Head-hole; for the Donald , a good fit, for, under restorations

yawns, an immense … cavity.  

Head-hole; for the Donald , a good fit for under a cranium’s

restorations lie, profound lies.  

Head-hole; for the Donald , a good fit for under restorations

lie profoundly, divisive, lies.  

A gossip-mongering reactionary like a  as POTUS; Americans need him

like holes in heads, artificial;  

Head-holes are oft, good things; God-given spaces for senses, but in an election,

no room for … head-holes.

And so AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC; a blueprint to a yellow brick road, more utopian,

than confusion … dystopian.  


Seven billion global citizens; all but oblivious to one another. But to the extent that any
two or more share … in #twitterfiction … space-time-continuity …

… i.e., but when we touch, see, hear, smell, taste or otherwise surreally perceive another,
we are oblivious … in #twitterfiction … to our brother.

The internet is, in #twitterfiction, the God-given conduit whereby we might alchemically
transcend … to global peace … and global … prosperity.

In #twitterfiction, we’ll need do the only seemingly impossible; the abnegation of surrealities,
like nationality, in favor of the exaltation … of our humanity.

Time, in #twitterfiction,for Truth and Reconciliation; whether you think we can get it done
or you think we can’t … you’re absolutely … right … on.

See @chachomanopapa on Twitter, and chachomanopapa.wordpress.com., its blog-log analog,
for poetry, in #twitterfiction, about history, from tweets and a blog.

Poems melding Ovid’s and Emily’s; in poems to (wo)men about change, otherworldly visionaries
#twitterfiction-ally ask: Of what good are borders … and nationalities?