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In fictional nonfiction (AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC) we are all stardust holes of illusion …

and … imagination.  

The ideal GOP (Republican) candidate for the Dems; a mouth, long ago, gone

mutant; a mouth, .  

That mutant mouth is ; the cacophonic instrument of a Republican

… public … emasculation.

Head-holes  are good; God-given spaces for senses; in elections

tho’, no room for .

He who studied at Wharton thanks not vets like McCain for his deferments for in

nonfiction, he’s a .  

No room for views from -in-chief  in elections

forthcoming. But, why not … debate?  

In fictional nonfiction (AN ATLAS ALGORITHMIC), we are all stardust holes of illusion

… and … imagination.  

On This Day … My Box … Runneth Over

On this day and night, my electronic mail box hath runneth over; for tonight
is, in the USA, election-day-night, a sequel to … Halloween’s … fright-night.

Yet Halloween’s fright-night holds not a candle to the frightening ramifications
of election day-night. Halloween’s frights pale next to the frights, of elections.

For electors across the country, masked in partisan republican red or democratic
blue … unwittingly underestimate … stakes at play … surreally, ironic.

To wit: International stories that have dominated the headlines play second fiddle
to domestic issues that … in the big picture … matter … but little.