“Comes MAYDAY 1600, to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, tomorrow, Friday, March 5, 2020. And WHO may pronounce then — officially,

pandemic — the global community-spread contagion, that has been plaguing us; maybe even, stalking, the compromised, immunologically.”

“Washington State is the focal point of the virus in the US. And if what’s happening in Washington State now is an intentional

targeting by the novel, virus of the elderly, then this novel virus is novel, indeed. As is, my MAYDAYS an equally … novel, novel.”

“I think denial and foolishness in combination with the traditional three-kiss greeting amongst Iranian men have infected Iranians,

disproportionately. Iran’s been a focal point. Bad enough already if this be a pandemic … but what if it’s — an invasion?”

“It has taken more than two months for the virus to reach South Africa. As if the virus took the slow boat from China. The virus

sometimes moves quickly; sometimes, slowly. We are tracking its movements. And we must determine if intelligent, is the virus.”

“Students are now out of school in South Korea, Iran, Japan, France, Pakistan and elsewhere — some, for a few days … Italy

— for weeks. Even if the virus is found not to be intelligent, there’s intelligent design in what’s happening, so tragi-comically.”

“Tragedy and comedy; misery and hope. Intelligent design is what’s happening. Students are now out of school — in Iran,

South Korea, Japan, France … and Pakistan. Plot lines are thickening with each, succeeding, sickening. Uniquely affected, seems Iran.”

“WHO’s reporting that the death rate for the virus has increased to 3.4%. But whether WHO definitively declares a pandemic

tomorrow, matters but little. What matters is me. Only me and my best interests. In other words only I hold power, over … the pandemic.”

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