MAYDAY 1600: FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 2020

“‘Tis today, Friday, March 6, 2020. MAYDAY, 1600. That is to say that it’s been 1600 days, since I moved down, the Trump Tower

escalator. WHO’s reporting a 3.4% virus death rate. WHO better not dare declare a pandemic, except in consultation, with the leader.”

“It’s been 1600 days since I, my chosen one, in good conscience, allegedly, cynically, descended. WHO’s reporting in its prescience

— a 3.4% death rate. But who knows science, like I know science? And science fiction is, my favorite branch … of science.

“Who knows science like me? Science fiction is my favorite science. It’s been 1600 days since I — by regal proclamation

— pronounced my intention to run the country. Don’t ye dare WHO, declare in your prescience, a pandemic. Don’t make that, proclamation.”

“An epidemic pandemic-wannabe has wreaked havoc on international business, sports events and schools; 300 million

students, affected, worldwide. The Vatican’s changing the Pope’s habits. Bethlehem’s on lockdown. Islam’s holiest site — closed, to millions.”

“Fears about the economic fallout caused stock markets in Asia to open lower on Friday, with Tokyo losing more than 3% by the break.

An epidemic pandemic-wannabe is wreaking havoc on us. And we’re way long past when the virus was, a containable, outbreak.“

“No longer containable, an outbreak become too rapidly epidemic is become, in turn, so rapidly turned, pandemic, WHO hasn’t yet

deemed it so. Markets in Asia opened lower. And WHO knows this pandemic, wannabe is on being named by WHO, not giving up, yet.”

Empty jumbo jets arriving at deserted airports. Masked passengers disinfecting their own seats. Fear lines the faces of airline

executives huddling with me; all signs, of federal bailout plans, taking flight. An epidemic may be … renamed today, in time.”

“@DrTedros: I am encouraged by your efforts to unleash the power of governments to face up to the threat posed by the new epidemic.

This is not a drill. No time for excuses. Time for pulling out all the stops to stop until next round, a wannabe, pandemic.”

“Indeed, I am encouraged by your efforts to encourage governments to face up to the threat posed by this new pandemic.

Pandemic. Just say it, Ted. This is not a drill. Just say it, Ted. Then, just pronounce it, Ted. Pronounce — Dr Tedros … the pandemic.”

“Just say it, Ted. Then Ted, just pronounce it. Pronounce, Dr Tedros, the pandemic. Just get it over with. Sooner or later ye, @DrTedros,

shall say it, come what may. Indeed, I am encouraged, Ted by your efforts. But ye can do more. Just say it @DrTedros.”

“@DrTedros: This really looks bad. The global epidemic that has sickened nearly 100,000 people across six continents may actually, be

two variants. A deadly one and another, less deadly. Still the less deadly newer version may be more contagious possibly.”

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