“What if this virus just wafts when coughed or sneezed into the air? No word yet on social distancing measures; nor insight into

community spread; nor why no one suspects the air we breathe as being a higher, highway than microbes usually, travel through.”

“Some say my streak of good fortune may be running out; that my rocket-man trajectory to the pinnacles of high society — may be

— about to, implode. But ‘tis my good fortune to be a chosen one, just like everyone else, struggling through a long, eternity.”

Andorra, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Jordan, Latvia, Portugal, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia were among countries confirming their

first cases; Senegal’s the second sub-Saharan African country to do so. May the virus be carried … sans a plane, in the air?”

“Andorra, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Jordan, Latvia, Portugal, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia; among the countries confirming their,

first cases; Senegal, also; making it the second sub-Saharan country, infected. A virus carried, long distances, in the air?”

“A virus carried for long distances in air. Alighting; with rain and gravity. Crossing borders with impunity. China’s outbreak may

well become by WHO’s pronouncement any day now, pandemic. Comes MAYDAY 1600 — to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. For US, a MAYDAY.”

The global mortality rate, including, now, more than 3,000 deaths is many times higher than the mortality rate of — the influenza

which is less than 1%. Partly because it’s a new disease; partly because no one has built up immunity to it, on Urantia.”

Israel is facing an unprecedented, legal, quandary. And unprecedented as well, is the quandary of the planet at large. As if we didn’t have crises,

enough. We have no confidence in our leaders. No leaders, really, to resolve, our … political … crises.”

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