“We politicize crises to score points, political. In an illustration of how not to work together, my late-night remonstrations, in tweets,

sometimes reveal kernels of truth. We waste time competing. We‘d better, not waste time — cooperating — with tweets.”

“Tweets. By products of Twitter’s magical algorithm. And tweets linked serially may make for a novel, novel. To fight a virus novel

and win for me, and my pals, maybe, Nobels. My tweets intend to teach ye, pastimes, in the future. Communication … novel.”

“Social distancing measures, I present to ye. The pastimes of our futures — may come to pass if discovered in the present — to be

measures, socially attracting. Tweets, serially linked, make for novel reading. To win for me and my pals, Nobels, presently.”

@MoveOn @UN — to one — nation. Convene to dissolve and reconvene, as the new, and improved, UN. Social distancing measures

reluctantly, I present ye. Measures such as the cancellation, of public events, loom. And the measures may prove to be, unpopular.”

“I ask for investigation by my coronavirus czars of whether the coronavirus is capable of wafting into the atmosphere — alighting

— far away from whence … coughed. New cases are reported in Washington state, Oregon and California. Is it in air, wafting?”

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