“When the virus comes — perhaps — never to leave, both the content and the quality of the federal response, will be on me. The virus,

already here, is a very low risk to US. And delegating it to Mike and wishful thinking may be good policy for me, and US.”

“The virus may be novel but ye really don’t need to buy anything special to prepare for it. Remain calm — And pray. I believe, in prayer.

Believe, in its power. But the power of the presidency is limited by men and even by microbes. Join me … in prayer.”

“Remain calm. And pray. Believe in the power of prayer. But the power of my presidency is limited by men and even by microbes now.

But my novel novel may make (wo)man, if not wiser, more artful, in their communications. And using, 280 characters — is how.”

“Global health experts are coming to the same conclusion: This coronavirus will take its time circling the globe. Unknown at this time:

How quickly or it’ll spread, how many die, how well we’ll respond and whether we implement the Golden Rule … in time.”

“Abandon sovereignty as the foundation of good governance. Implement in its stead — in the interests of the people — a Rule,

Golden. Global health experts agree: See — in the present — the future. And the future includes, microbes, and men … and a Rule.”

“The future may include men; microbes, surely. Old hands at survival, are they. See Homo sapiens in presents, golden futures.

Abandon sovereignty to govern. Choose, in the interests of the people … not the interests of men, conflicted … in the future.”

“See in presents golden futures. Dissolve the UN. Reconvene as UN as in — one nation. Adopt the Golden Rule and intelligence

artificial over too limited, human, intelligence and decision-making. Leave political decision-making to artificial, intelligence.”

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