“I am no match for this microbe; in cunning and formlessness. Shall we see, in time, that in the coronavirus lies — an opportunity,

unprecedented? In soirée last night Bruce Lee himself, reminded us; if it attacks like water, to defeat it, like water, be.”

“If your opponent is formless like water, to defeat him or her, like water be, Shall we see in time, that in the coronavirus lies, in time, opportunities,

unprecedented? To defeat the coronavirus, Homo … sapiens … emulate its formlessness … in time.”

“To defeat the coronavirus, Homo sapiens, emulate, ts formlessness. Cast off the markers marking ye as the property of the sovereign.

Sovereignty is an anachronism. China’s sudden export of a novel virus, respects no nationality and no, border, sovereign.”

“This week the CDC warned US to prepare for a pandemic, stocks tumbled on fears of just how bad things might get and the White

House sought $2.5 billion to fight the contagion. And I’ll address ye all tonight to assure ye everything’s gonna be, all right.”

“One place has yet to report even a single case: Sub-Saharan Africa. It is highly likely that the national health systems of African

nations cannot even detect, the presence of the virus. Its impact may be catastrophically … devastating … to Africans.”

“When the virus comes — perhaps — never to leave, both the content and the quality of the federal response, will be on me. The virus,

already here, is a very low risk to US. And delegating it to Mike and wishful thinking may be good policy for me, and US.”


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