“But what happens when China recovers? Alternatively, what happens when China’s coronavirus exports, tick up? What happens —

then? And what happens — if it, doesn’t recover? Does disaster inevitably, await us? Or might I seize for me, the day, it happens?”

“Might I seize for myself the day when China, in a weakened state, recovers from this latest bout with the dreaded coronavirus.

Alternatively, what happens when China’s coronavirus, ticks up? And what about US vis a vis the dreaded and deadly coronavirus?”

“The plot thickens and in a plot twist Julian’s now saying I offered him a pardon if he agreed to say Russia was not involved in

leaking DNC emails during the 2016 presidential election. I would ne’er offer a quid for a quo in qualification for, a pardon.”

“Actually, it’s OK to mix politics and policy. If I say so, especially. And so, if political quid pro quos are OK, it’s because I have said so,

already. I offer a statement explanatory but I don’t have to. I am, The King. Indeed, I have already, said so.”

“I am The King. While technically that may not be, still, it is effectively so. So it’s OK to mix politics and policy. Political quid — pro

quos; SOPS; the grease that gets things done. And no one save those reading this, my inner-most thoughts … knows.”

“Russian intelligence agencies first planted the conspiracy theory that Rich was murdered by gunmen hired by his opponent, Clinton.

Russian trolls repeatedly boosted claims on Twitter and other social media platforms that Rich was in … on the deception.”

“As expected, as was reported today, Friday, MAYDAY 1585. the Russians are at it again. And so it has come to pass that Moscow’s

planning on intervening again in an American electIon. Strange bedfellows seem, Deutsche Bank … Donald Trump … and Moscow.”

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