“@AmbJohnBolton: Imagine the reaction if ye opine publicly that something fishy went on in Helsinki. Do your duty. And make your duty in

your country, not my privileges, executive, your lodestar. Things not being as they seem ‘tis easy to do wrong things.”

“In ‘Dark Towers’ my benefactor Deutsche Bank’s less than stellar reputation gets sullied, even more. Russian connections, mutual, all breathe in

still, the rarefied air of the nouveau riche. And the plots are thickening and converging.”
cc: @AmbJohnBolton

“MAYDAYS’ plot — thickens and the plots — converge. And as a pivotal election nears, Deutsche Bank and our Russian connections,

mutual, worry that perfect storms … cometh. Perfect storms like — Hurricane Romney and — Hurricane Bolton.”
cc: @AmbJohnBolton

“A pivotal election nears. Still, Deutsche Bank and our Russian connections worry that perfect storms such as the coronavirus,

human migration, climate change and Helsinki’s revelations signal plots converging upon us in time with a crippling coronavirus.”

“Helsinki. Revelations regarding what happened in Helsinki may be pivotal. There, on top of everything being written of here, in

MAYDAYS; there is where plots converge upon us, in time, concurrently simultaneous with a crippling … coronavirus, pathogen.”

“Too early to tell if the trending declines will continue. Every scenario is still on the table. And in the vast majority of the scenarios,

disaster awaits depending on just 5 antiheroes; not the 8 billion protagonists, outweighing them, in any, scenario.”

“Disaster awaits depending on just 5 antiheroic antagonists and 8 billion hero, protagonists. Trending are declines in the US

and China numbers. Even as coronavirus exports tick up. But what if China recovers as a world, sickens? What happens then, to us?”


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