The bottom line is that I’ve been impeached but my trial won’t start until after Pelosi sends articles to the Senate. That will start a whole

new drama in the Senate. A black hole of drama, maybe. But the light of truth escapes from even … black holes.”

“The light of the truth escapes from even the deepest, darkest, and blackest of holes in His universes. It escapes, not, in outer space. No

hole, black, black enough to keep the truth from radiating, outward. I am the President. And of lies, I only, know.”

“All the evidence about my obstruction — already a matter of public record. Witness the second article, being already — well — ripe,

for trial. As for the first article evidencea-plenty demonstrates my guilt but not all of the evidence has come to light.”

“The Fake News Media and their Democrat Partners are working hard to determine whether or not the future attack by Soleimani

was ’eminent’ or not, and was my team, in agreement. A martyr to peace, the Iranians and I agree, may be made — General Soleimani.”

At least four Republicans will vote to call witnesses. That four for witnesses will vote is unfortunate. Less than four — fortunately,

assures me my kangaroo trial and speedy acquittal but a fourth vote assures testimony, most, impeaching, unfortunately.”

“Impeaching may be the testimonies of Bolton and Mulvaney. Then it’s on to secret ballots and senators secretly voting on my removal

from office. But by that time, and before any vote on removal, I shall have resigned. To avoid the stigma of my … removal.”

“My Republican senators say that dismissing the articles of impeachment against me — isn’t likely. They‘d rather vote — to acquit

me. But they don’t know what Vlad and I know — that as ye sow — so shall ye reap. Unless, I may myself pardon, or acquit me.”

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