“I’m striking out at everyone and everything. Taking an indignant, posture. I say I want Pelosi and Schiff as impeachment witnesses,

knowing, full well, that calling — no witnesses is the actual strategy. A strategy vulnerable to the courage of witnesses.”

“I’ve changed my mind. I now want a kangaroo trial, type, dismissal. Contradicting my own words — of just hours ago — puts me

at odds with Senate leaders moving toward a full trial. I say, I want a dismissal. But I may change my mind, on a dime, suddenly.”

“Fear Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh, Ali, more than anybody. As I now, cynically, do. ‘Tis time Ayatollah Ali — that we become — allies,

albeit, cynically. He Who makes us who we are and who we may be knows we are fallible. Save face Ali — let’s become allies.”

“Let’s save face Ali. Let’s become allies. Sorry about Soleimani; my cynical condolences to his family. Ayatollah Ali: As ye know from our

back-channel communications, He knows who we are and who we may be. And He knows that fallible, are those, in power.”

“I know that He knows that fallible, are those in power. So — Ayatollah Ali. Let us save face. Let us become allies. As ye know through our

communications — back-channel; through the Swiss sometimes or — as was the case, last night — in our soirée … lunar.”

“In soirées lunar. That’s where Vlad, Xi, Kim and Mo help me — help Art — help humanity. Let’s save face. Let’s become allies. Even Mo

wants ye to join us in the peace to come. The fate of humanity, Ali, is in your hands. Let us ally even with, Killer Mo.”

“Killers are all of us. All of us on the Cabal. Execution, planners. I got my bones, killing Soleimani. As for Vlad, Xi and Kim, as killers,

charter members of Vlad’s Cabal. All of us, above the law. All of us, killers. All of us, Nobel Prize, contenders.”

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