“Many Iranians are displaying their anger at the government with angry crowds of students calling the Revolutionary Guards

Corps ‘the people’s shame’. Indeed all of Iran is ashamed. And a shame by any other name, would shame …  the Guards.”

“On a diplomatic level the admission of guilt could open up avenues of dialogue for the parties; for Ayatollah Khamenei; and for me.

We could spin this episode in many ways to the end of significantly decreasing, if not ending our high level, hostilities.”

“The Ayatollah and I may make implausible, peace — together. Imagine that Ali and I bring Trump Tower Tehran to Iran. To hurry peace

and prosperity. To hurriedly face, exigent, climatic and migratory issues, on time, we’ve got to hurry, to make … peace.”

“Witness Ayatollah, the confluence, extraordinary, of real and unreal things. The names of the dead, real; their nationalities;

much less so. I have been astonished at events surreally tied to my impeachment, and … witnesses, unfriendly.”
cc: @NobelPrize

“Upon admission of the plane strike the brave people of Iran, once again, protest. I’ve stood with you since my presidency’s beginnings,

Vladimir’s orders, notwithstanding, I shall continue to do so. I follow, your protests. Your revolution … I’m planning.”

“Thank Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh: That conflicts, sanctions, a poor economy, a plane load loss of life and a defecting Olympian be

a blessing. Empower women. Make no man — for her life, her lifetime — boss. And be not an Earthling but a Urantian … be.”

“Thank Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh: That when it rains, it oft, pours. That conflicts, sanctions, a poor economy, a plane load loss

of life and a defecting Olympian — may be — cleansing. Empower and support women. Make no one, for life, their lifetime, boss.”

“I’m striking out at everyone and everything. Taking an indignant, posture. I say I want Pelosi and Schiff as impeachment witnesses,

knowing, full well, that calling — no witnesses is the actual strategy. A strategy vulnerable to the courage of witnesses.”

“I’ve changed my mind. I now want a kangaroo trial, type, dismissal. Contradicting my own words — of just hours ago — puts me

at odds with Senate leaders moving toward a full trial. I say, I want a dismissal. But I may change my mind, on a dime, suddenly.”

“Fear Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh, Ali, more than anybody. As I now, cynically, do. ‘Tis time Ayatollah Ali — that we become — allies,

albeit, cynically. He Who makes us who we are and who we may be knows we are fallible. Save face Ali — let’s become allies.”

“Let’s save face Ali. Let’s become allies. Sorry about Soleimani; my cynical condolences to his family. Ayatollah Ali: As ye know from our

back-channel communications, He knows who we are and who we may be. And He knows that fallible, are those, in power.”

“I know that He knows that fallible, are those in power. So — Ayatollah Ali. Let us save face. Let us become allies. As ye know through our

communications — back-channel; through the Swiss sometimes or — as was the case, last night — in our soirée, lunar.”

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