“I may — by executive order — proclaim my royalty. And become — the King — of America. And it would not be unprecedented.

Louis XIV has already done it. And if I do it I just may, in my impeachment trial just pardon my actions — ever, ere unprecedented.”

“Imagine that I, by executive order, proclaim, my royalty. And become King, of America. That would not be, unprecedented. Louis XIV,

the Sun King of France already did it. And if I just reprise it, l’ll just pardon me, as would have … himself … Louis XIV.”

“Were I like the French Sun King Louis XIV, actually blue-blooded, I’d put an end to hoaxes and vile witch hunts. I’d end two parties, too.

Imagine that I proclaim too — royalty. And become the King of America. Many thanks to my Republican … senators … too.”

“I am the president of US. Co-author, with the dictators of Vlad’s Cabal of Arthur’s epic, poem, MAYDAYS. Indeed I am not King. I am

not State. I am subject to the law. Yet if forced to resign, I’ll fight climate … change and human … migration…. Because … I am.”

“Because I am who I am Art says is why in disproportionate part bad things, are happening. Bad omens to many, are, ofttimes,

harbingers, to others. Transitioning in time to face off with timely new realities to a new, paradigm. Like the Queen … just in time.”

“My Republicans control the Senate, and with 67 votes needed to remove me from office, it’s all but certain, I’ll be acquitted. Certainly

however, my acquittal, isn’t certain. Indeed, dynamite promises to be the testimony of Bolton — and Mulvaney.”

“What a man; that Putin. Taking over an entire country and keeping its wealth, for himself — his friends —and his family. I am his American

apprentice. An asset, not an agent. A Manchurian candidate, fictional, altered into a nonfictional, asset, Russian.”

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