“Incriminating evidence keeps on leaking. I may yet, be forced to resign. I’m not sorry. Not — about anything. Stay tuned for trial on

my impeachment; ratings extravaganzas. Stay tuned for laugh out loud comedy and gripping drama, in Swamp … Washington.”

“Meanwhile in Australia, smoke from the fires has engulfed Sydney, raising air pollution to levels so hazardous, that leading doctors

have labelled the event a public health emergency. But it proves only that relative to yesterday — today — is … hotter.”

“It so happens that yesterday Australians endured their hottest day ever. Even so, that proves only that, relative to yesterday

today, is hotter. Smoke from the fires has raised air pollution to levels so high, it’s an emergency, to be in Sydney, today.”

“Thanks to the power of disinformation, Trump’s false claims about Biden’s invented corruption can magically transform a nakedly

corrupt effort to rig the election in his own interest into something that is, coincidentally in the interests of the country.”

“I am fearless, unafraid, resolute and brave in the face of my fake, impeachment. For I have done everything swell; and nothing wrong.

Nancy may rue the day she led this witch hunt against me. For I‘ve been, perfect. And I … have done nothing … wrong.”

“I have done nothing wrong. Nancy may come to rue the day when she led this witch hunt against me. For I have been — perfect.

Pitch perfect. Blind ambition has blinded Nancy. Karma’s a bitch, detesting, witch hunts, and witches. Karma loves, the perfect.”

“Moscow Mitch is in a pickle. He can afford to lose but two of his members, joining in Democratic demands, for more — witnesses.

Key are Murkowsky, Collins and Romney; it remains to be seen if any will break with me, to join in, demanding, more witnesses.”

“The plot thickens. As impeachment proceedings move from the House to the Senate the political climate, changes. Nancy’s

considering delaying reporting indefinitely, articles of impeachment, to the Senate. To stymy GOP plans, to acquit The Don, summarily.”

“Ramming through an acquittal upon a Senate trial of The Don, a kangaroo court of Republicans in the Senate would exonerate

President Trump. Summarily. And so Nancy’s considering delaying reporting … indefinitely, articles of impeachment, to the Senate.”

“And the plot thickens. The Creator not only creates. He also tells, great stories. And He instills in everything metaphysically,

mysteriously, connections to all things. His stories He fills with irony. Loaded with tragedy. And healthy dashes, of comedy.”

“Imagine if a purpose of The Almighty is to make our tragic-comic story available to civilizations, cross-universally. A morality play

ironically, on how not, to govern. His stories He fills with irony. Loaded, with tragedy. And comedy. A morality, play.”

“MAYDAYS. It’s our morality play (His, really) on how not to govern. His stories He fills with irony. Loaded with tragedy. And comedy.

Morality, plays. Imagine one of His purposes being, making our tragic-comic story available, to all beings, universally.”

“Pelosi shot back; indeed she did, saying that while the country’s founders planned for a ‘rogue’ president, they envisioned no time,

when we’d ever suffer, a rogue president and a rogue leader in the Senate at precisely — unfortunately … the same time.”

“Nancy don’t fight like no girl. I feel sorry for her husband. She seems insufferably to always be winning even against good old boy,

Presidents. She’ll just sit on articles of impeachment until she wants to dust-off articles, impeaching, a good old, boy.”

“She’ll just sit on my articles of impeachment until she wants to dust-off the articles and impeach the best good old boy president,

ever, of the American people. Blind ambition has blinded her. She can not see my greatness. And she wants to be the president.”

“Nancy wants to be ike me the president. That, notwithstanding that she’s already, constitutionally, 3rd in line to the presidency,

But she won’t suffer an election. She’s in a hurry. Just like me, she aspires to a Nobel, Peace Prize. Ambitious, is Nancy.”

“Former White House officials say they feared Putin influenced my views on Ukraine and the 2016 campaign. And one official even said

I explicitly stated as much saying, I knew Ukraine was the real culprit, because, that was what, Putin, to Trump, said.”

The Senate Republicans have high hopes — high in the sky — pie hopes that the president won’t tweet during his impeachment trial.

But not tweeting would not be in keeping, with The Don’s keen sense of drama; and his style, during, his impeachment, trial.”

“Christianity Today has betrayed me. The evangelical magazine founded by the Rev. Billy Graham cited my perfect phone call to

Ukraine’s president as being profoundly immoral, calling for my removal from office. But white men to white men must be … true.”

“The die, are cast. Impeachment proceeding timelines appear in limbo as lawmakers leave the swamp for this year and leave to year

2020 the details of the Senate trial. But never fear. They may get it, back on the calendar. Perhaps, maybe, even, next year.”

“No president has gone on to an election, after being impeached. President Johnson, who had not been elected in the first place

after his Senate impeachment trial, was later, shunted aside. Now, as then, a common denominator has been, a matter, of race.”

“Even some Christians are turning against me. Now as then, in the United States, matters of race, predominate. And in India,

the Indians have in Modi, a Trumpet of their own. Trumpism — it shall indeed be a good thing, for all the wise men … of Urantia.”

At the White House Thursday, there was some evidence that I’ve been rattled by Nancy’s delay. I’m wondering what Nancy’s up to,

quizzing one adviser after another about what they think the speaker’s up to. I’m as mad as hell about the hold up. Insane too.”

“I’m as mad as hell about Nancy’s hold up on my impeachment. In my case, insanely, mad. Rattled by Nancy’s delay — I am wondering

what she’s up to. Vlad’s wondering, too. Vlad’s wondering who he’ll have to have killed … for their whistle … blowing.”

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