“No way, Vlad says, I’ll be removed from power for Trumped-up (or even good) reason. Unless more investigation proves, Russian,

duplicity. Beware my criminal mentor. Take what he says with shovels of salt. He lies masterfully. Indeed he is a KGB, Russian.”

“Once KGB — always — KGB. Vlad lies, masterfully. No way, says Vlad, I’ll be removed from power. Unless investigation, Russian,

duplicity, proves. Do beware of my Russian, criminal mentor. Take what he says with shovels of salt. He’s a lying, KGB Russian.”

“Once human — always — human. Like Vlad we all lie, masterfully. It’s just that some are more masterful than others. But the human

beings of Urantia, beware. Take what they say, always, with large doses of salt. Because lying is, second nature, to humans.”

“The Amazon is teetering on the edge of functional destruction and with it, so are we. We stand in a moment of destiny — for, me,

opportune. For the tipping point of climate change is, along with the tipping point of impeachment, tipping … concurrently.”

“@MittRomney @lisamurkowski
@SenatorCollins @LamarAlexander
@CoryGardner: It’s up to more independent, Republicans. To not be servile, to Russians.

We must know what the American president discussed in Helsinki with the Russian president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.”

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