“Use Twitter’s algorithm to hurry transcendence; dump a paradigm sovereign, for one, egalitarian. In Art Everman’s poetic epic, Vladimir’s brothers and I, join — In MAYDAYS

we say: An algorithm yet used in futures, may well be useful in wanting, and, oh, so woebegone, MAYDAYS.”

“This then is why I and my brothers now appear to flip-flop. We have seen in soirées lunar, what’s possibly, coming. Cataclysm, or transcendentalism? Common sense

interdependence or climate catastrophe? Replacing a paradigm sovereign with egalitarianism. It’s just, common sense.”

“It’s just common sense. My brothers and I have seen in lunar soirées with Arthur, what’s coming. Common sense dictates unity’s interdependence but common

sense, remains, maddeningly, uncommon. Replacing a paradigm, sovereign, with one egalitarian. Common sense, all too, uncommon.”

“Replacing a paradigm sovereign with an egalitarian one, makes sound, sense. My brothers and I (and Art) see a way out. Common

sense and interdependence are key. A revolution, velvet, in the wings, awaits. Still, common sense remains all too … uncommon.”

“Common sense tho is uncommon. And tho an egalitarian paradigm makes sound sense evolutionarily, the co-authors know, it’s timing,

matters. Common sense, our interdependence and timing, are key. A revolution, soft as velvet; it’s just a matter, of timing.”

“A little common sense, we co-authors know may go a long way toward institutionalizing interdependence. And the timing

is key. Revolutions soft as velvet, await. It’s just a matter of timing. Enter the dragon; impeachment hearings. Impeccable, timing.”

“Impeccable, timing, I’d say. Impeachment hearings, domestic and a plethora of intractable situations, international by day,

compete with lunar soirées, evenings. Common sense; I’ve got it. But I get, too little love, and too little sleep, most, everyday.”

“Love? Who cares, really? But sleep, even I really need. Sleep, notwithstanding, Art — Vladimir’s Cabal — and I, hereby put on notice Nobel

committees for peace and literature. NOTICE: MAYDAYS: An epic, poem; Art’s, blueprint for peace — and for — Nobels.”

“MAYDAYS: An epic poem. A blueprint for world peace, and global prosperity. A paradigm sovereign, switch, for one, egalitarian. Futures,

Golden Rule-guided, would rule us better than, sovereigns. We hereby notice, the committees, for peace and literature.”

“Four forces control our visibly known, universe; governing, everything. Gravity — electromagnetism — and strong —

and weak nuclear forces. A Nobel Prize; a no-brainer for a fifth force of nature. A no-brainer too is MAYDAYS 2020, Nobel candidate, strong.”

“Make no mistake Committees, Nobel. At stake; nothing less than the future. Four forces control our known, universe; governing,

everything. A fifth force of nature would be a no-brainer for a Nobel in Physics in 2020. So too what Art’s … whistleblowing.”


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