“Alas, it seems that Americans, in effect, don’t care. They don’t care about what’s gone on in meetings between Vlad and Don. Even when

Don seemed drugged and confiscated his interpreter’s notes. What’s happened Mr Schiff in Finland?” What happened, then?”

“What’s happening, blue birds, tweet. Their question, my brother Art says The Watcher bade him, answer; but answering it epically, in verse,

only. Linked, 280 character verses; forty words linked in series into answers. To be or not? Answers … in verse.”

“The whistleblower’s not a whistleblower, he’s a fake. That, and a slew of other lies, I lie whenever not on Luna. In soirée there we

Cabalists with Art agree: Given none but Art recall events lunar, The Cabal, henceforth shall tweet, from Luna, directly.”

“Tweeting from Luna directly we thank Allah; God; Jehovah; Yahweh; for the whistleblowers. In soirée there, we Cabalists, with Arthur

agree: Poetry’s key to a global awakening to the need to transcend to a paradigm egalitarian, not sovereign, says Arthur.”

“I am a spokesman, along with my murderous brothers and Arthur, for humanity. Twitter’s algorithm is yet used — in futures. And an algorithm

useful in the future may be useful too, these days, woebegone. To dump a paradigm sovereign for one egalitarian, use, Twitter’s algorithm.”

“Use Twitter’s algorithm to hurry transcendence; dump a paradigm sovereign, for one, egalitarian. In Art Everman’s poetic epic, Vladimir’s brothers and I, join — In MAYDAYS

we say: An algorithm yet used in futures, may well be useful in wanting, and, oh, so woebegone, MAYDAYS.”

“This then is why I and my brothers now appear to flip-flop. We have seen in soirées lunar, what’s possibly, coming. Cataclysm, or transcendentalism? Common sense

interdependence or climate catastrophe? Replacing a paradigm sovereign with egalitarianism. It’s just, common sense.”

“It’s just common sense. My brothers and I have seen in lunar soirées with Arthur, what’s coming. Common sense dictates unity’s interdependence but common

sense, remains, maddeningly, uncommon. Replacing a paradigm, sovereign, with one egalitarian. Common sense, all too, uncommon.”

“Replacing a paradigm sovereign with an egalitarian one, makes sound, sense. My brothers and I (and Art) see a way out. Common

sense and interdependence are key. A revolution, velvet, in the wings, awaits. Still, common sense remains all too … uncommon.”

“Common sense tho is uncommon. And tho an egalitarian paradigm makes sound sense evolutionarily, the co-authors know, it’s timing,

matters. Common sense, our interdependence and timing, are key. A revolution, soft as velvet; it’s just a matter, of timing.”

“A little common sense, we co-authors know may go a long way toward institutionalizing interdependence. And the timing

is key. Revolutions soft as velvet, await. It’s just a matter of timing. Enter the dragon; impeachment hearings. Impeccable, timing.”

“Impeccable, timing, I’d say. Impeachment hearings, domestic and a plethora of intractable situations, international, by day

compete with lunar soirées, evenings. Common sense; I’ve got it. Heed me all ye unwise Homo sapiens (wo)men each and … everyday.”

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