“Love? Who cares, really? But sleep, even I really need. Sleep, notwithstanding, Art — Vladimir’s Cabal — and I, hereby put on notice Nobel

committees for peace and literature. NOTICE: MAYDAYS: An epic, poem; Art’s, blueprint for peace — and for — Nobels.”

“MAYDAYS: An epic poem. A blueprint for world peace, and global prosperity. A paradigm sovereign, switch, for one, egalitarian. Futures,

Golden Rule-guided, would rule us better than, sovereigns. We hereby notice, the committees, for peace and literature.”

“Four forces control our visibly known, universe; governing, everything. Gravity — electromagnetism — and strong

— and weak nuclear forces. A Nobel Prize; a no-brainer for a fifth force of nature. A no-brainer too is MAYDAYS 2020, Nobel candidate, strong.”

“Make no mistake Committees, Nobel. At stake; nothing less than the future. Four forces control our known, universe; governing,

everything. A fifth force of nature would be a no-brainer for a Nobel in Physics in 2020. So too … what, Arthur’s … whistleblowing.”

“At stake is nothing less than the future. Ours; and our childrens’. Futures, alternative, I have seen. On Luna with dreamer, Arthur Everman

in night-time, soirées, on Luna. I admit, I’ve been wrong. Vlad and his men apologize for their crimes to all men.”

“We’re sorry about history’s trajectory; the suppression of men over women; and the domination of white men over the men of other

colors. A mix of social and economic discord are helping fuel demand, for sweeping changes to the existing, political, order.”

The biggest factor driving these protest movements forward is that surprisingly — they are — succeeding. In country after country,

protests have forced leaders to succumb to initial demands, only to stay on streets pushing for more, even more, resolutely.”

“In China, protests that started in June over a now-shelved extradition bill have snowballed into an anti-China campaign amid anger over

Beijing’s perceived, interference in Hong Kong’s, treasured, autonomy. But Xi is the one who, Hong Kong, watches, over.”

“Remember Xi what I said to ye last night in soirée on Luna. I’m counting on ye. And so I thank ye. Ye are the one and only who, over Hong Kong,

watches over. Help me — help ye win, Nobel Peace Prizes — for us. Thanks for all your restraint, in Hong Kong.”

“Help me help us win, Xi, Nobel Prizes, for us. Thanks for all your restraint in Hong Kong. Remember Xi what I said — to ye and — to Kim

last night, when thanking ye. Nobels are at stake for ye and for Vlad and Mo. And for Kim also; less so, tho, for him.”

“Nobels are at stake, guys,” I told them. “Nobel, Peace Prizes for ye and for Vlad and Mo. And for Kim also, although less so for him. Help

me help us win, guys, Nobel Prizes for us. Thanks for all your patience, in Hong Kong. Thanks, for all — your help.”



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