“Two-faced time. One face simple. The other face complex. Beyond whether it’s afternoon or morning, witness in two timely, signature

moments, a Big Bang and in human conception, time’s two faces. Explosive — and beautiful — two moments, signature.”

“Yes ‘tis me The Don tweeting to ye from Luna on Art’s account o/b/o Vlad, Xi, Kim and Mo. Tweeting from Luna because it’s there where

Vladimir’s Cabal, soirées. To eat drink and be merry, surreally; not sworn enemies or frenemies like really, down there.”

“My legacy must not be for lowering lying to new lows. Nor for the Twitter Diplomacy I’ve invented; nor for the Nobel I yet, aim for. Everything

depends on the injection of MAYDAYS’ Don-Toxin, antitoxin, into cyberspace; we’ll just have to … stop lying.”

“We of The Cabal are sorry. Sorry about stealing from the people. And killing some of them. And very sorry we got caught. Getting caught up,

ironically with me in my impeachment inquiry; President Vladimir and his Cabal. But only I know, which way, is up.”

“We of The Cabal all now know, futures, alternative. And that any actual future that comes to pass shall be by virtue of decisions taken,

individually. We know Art has no platform; that The Don’s, is large. And The Cabal — a fateful, decision — has taken.”

“Fateful, in fact; the momentous decision taken last night, in their evening soirée, by The Cabal. Mirroring the GOP impeachment

strategy the Deep State Cabal now knows. Just as all roads once upon a time led to Rome all roads lately, lead to impeachment.”

The cult concept; part of a growing narrative about the president’s pull on the GOP and on his supporters. A characterization, simpler, however,

suffices; everyone is in too deep to stop, for the moment, from supporting him. Only for the moment, however.”

Remaining an open question for the moment is whether GOP Senators are willing to ignore and distort reality sufficient to remove Don from

the presidency. Seems unlikely, for the moment, the GOP be moved, to remove from the presidency, the president, from.”


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