“Judge not, one another. Leave, the judging to Him. Ye sure have made a really fine mess of things. Submitting to Him — loving

him — And loving one another and being a good steward to planet, Urantia. Instead, ye’ve made, a really fine … mess of things.”

“Obama and Dems, a mess, have made. Yet, judge not, one another. Leave, judging to Him. The nations and surprisingly, I, have failed to be

good stewards to Urantia. But the impeachment inquiry delays the fight against climate change. That’s no lie, truly.”

“That’s no lie. Obama and the Dems, and the GOP too, a mess have made. Still, judge not one another. Leave all judging — to Him. Unsurprisingly

the nations have failed to be good stewards to Urantia. But my impeachment delays, the climate fight, unduly.”

“My impeachment delays the climate fight, unduly. And on another front, the related fight of human, migration. The nations’ failure to be

good stewards of the planet, may — or may not — be telling, of yet another … as if tailor-made, human … calamity.”

“Sans timing, everything, is nothing. What eventually, surreally happens depends on actions taken, or not taken. And their exquisite timing,

sublime. There’s no denying that time, and the timely timing of all happenings, are of the essence, in all things.”

“Time; and timely, happenings; they are — of the essence — in all things.” Sans timing, everything, is nothing. Witness timing,

incomprehensible. Like the moment of the Big Bang and the moment of human, conception. Exquisite … divinely, sublime, timing.”

“Two-faced time. One face simple. The other face complex. Beyond whether it’s afternoon or morning, witness in two timely, signature

moments, a Big Bang and in human conception, time’s two faces. Her explosiveness and her beauty in two moments, signature.”

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