“Remaining an open question for the moment is whether my GOP Senators are willing to ignore and distort reality sufficient to remove me from

the presidency. Seems unlikely, for the moment, that the GOP be moved, to remove me from the presidency. A one … and done.”

“Even though I did nothing wrong and don’t like giving credibility to this No Due Process Hoax I like the idea and will [testify] in order to get

Congress focused again, strongly consider it!” I tweeted. But I’m just bluffing. I won’t, testify. On that, ye can bet.”

“Nah. I won’t, testify at no perjury trap, kangaroo trial. A burgeoning scandal, deepens in Ukraine; and scandals, breaking, out of Britain.

The approval of Kushner of Khashoggi’s arrest. As a result, spying Turks blackmailing Don are US … blackmailing.”

“On top of everything; on top of Mueller’s 10 obstructions and on top of Ukraine; new scandals are breaking out of Britain. The lies

Stephanie tells for me, belie her. I may, pardon her. If one works on Urantia for me, ye’ll be fired … if ye, don’t lie.”

“According to CNN and the Washington Post the anonymous White House official who claimed to be orchestrating a “resistance” resisting the president, presiding,

will release a tell-all book, a WARNING, November 19. That’s tomorrow. On top of everything, a tragi-comic … WARNING.”

“On top of everything comes today a tragi-comic, WARNING. Its author will release a tell-all book in WARNING, November 19. Today.

Today; not tomorrow as tweeted, just minutes ago; less than an hour ago, yesterday. What a difference a day makes these days.”

“What a difference a day makes these days. Any day … really. On top of everything comes today a tragi-comic WARNING. Neurological

problems, ongoing and an impeachment related panic attack may have had something to do, with my visit to Walter Reed hospital.”


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