Add the risk of a government shutdown to impeachment and all the other legislative logjams. And Congress is fearful that impeachment

embolden Don to hold must-pass bills hostage if he sees a shutdown as political leverage against an impending, impeachment.

Congress fears that impeachment embolden the president to hold must-pass bills hostage, if he finds viable — a shut down — federal government

as an option against his impeachment. And a shutdown allows, sleep; and secret, emergency, psychiatric, treatment.

Don’s sending more troops to Saudi Arabia to help Mo even as we betray the Kurds who have been valiantly defeating ISIS — for US. Sending

troops to Saudi Arabia to confront Iran even as we give Turkey and Syria, a helping hand with Kurds, US, is betraying.

Fire begets, fire. Degradation begets, degradation. Deforested land dries out quickly in the sun and the wind. And both naturally occurring fires,

and man-made fires, spread more easily from degraded landscapes onto adjoining forests, making, larger fires.

And fires and unrest ongoing, may well spark what Vladimir’s Cabal, dreads most; that is to say, widespread, civil unrest. Unrest,

revolutionary. Unrest, devolutionary, not, evolutionary. A test of Vlad’s grip on power is all this global … civil, unrest.

An off-white, White House, stonewalling? Or Democratic, overreaching? @Scotus may not hear, until next October, maybe and maybe

opine, sometime after, Election Day. Some think the president’s lawyers, may just run out the clock … as a matter of strategy.

Some speculate that the president’s lawyers’ strategy may be to just run out the clock. @Scotus may not hear any of President Donald’s matters

until next October and any opinion, in any event, won’t come until after Election Day when it won’t much, matter.

When it won’t much matter is when the Supreme Court may weigh in on whatever matters — remain — issues. The president’s lawyers may indeed

just run out the clock. @Scotus won’t opine in time, one way or another, on any of the president’s issues … indeed.

Even the lowest ranking of soldiers has an affirmative duty to publicly decry, orders, unlawful. Not even the sovereign, whether a kingly

representative, or the collective state, may, in the United States of America rule — like a royal, king — autocratically.

Though Don has touted the five-day cease-fire as a foreign policy triumph, declaring its start to be a “great day for civilization,” critics are roundly

condemning it as a capitulation, delivering the Kurds to Turkey and leaving US … covering for Turkey.

The GOP tires of Don. Dems, too. Awarding the G-7 contract to his own company, a bridge too far to go, for a flailing, Don. Democrats are saying

they might add an “emoluments” violation to articles of impeachment. Might add? Add it. Do … the right thing.

“Do the right thing. Add emolument violations and Ukraine-related allegations to Special Counsel Mueller’s previous, exhaustingly

meticulous, counts, of obstruction.” So said Don last night; in soirée, on Luna. And, “Do this my brothers, in memory, of me.”

On soirée on Luna last night The Don verily, did say, “Do this my brothers, in memory, of me. Do the right thing. Do not do — as I do. Do as me

says. Emolument violations and Ukraine allegations; add them to Mueller’s exhaustingly recounted counts … to impeach AND remove me.”

“To impeach me in the House and remove me in the Senate, add the emolument violations and Ukraine allegations together with the ten

documented counts of obstruction, already, filed in witch hunter Mueller’s investigation of election interference, Russian.”

Few Republicans, if any, may, at the end of the day, support impeachment, but events are moving so fast that this might easily, change.

Impeachment and removal are the lesser evils. Lesser evils, than not addressing, human migration … and climate change.


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