Don’s got air under his hair and blood on his hands. Air there is not disqualifying, albeit, it ought be. But blood on his hands, is another matter. For once, the president

brought folks, together. In the House, 129 Republicans joined every Democrat … condemning the president.

Don’s got air under his hair and blood on his hands. And albeit air there is not disqualifying, blood on one’s hands is another matter, altogether.

Don’s brought folks together. In the House, 129 Republicans joined all Democrats condemning him. Leaving 60 supporting him, however.

The Don’s efforts to pressure Ukraine for information he could use against political rivals came as he was indoctrinated by adversaries,

regional, including Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Russian President, Vladi­mir Putin; brand new, frenemies.

Testifying Tuesday; the top US official in Ukraine; the one who once said it was “crazy” to withhold American military aid to that country, for political

reasons, domestic. “Crazy.” As crazy, characterized The Don’s man in Ukraine, William Taylor, his patron … political.

Of course it was a quid pro quo. The Don was cagey enough to claim that what he was asking for was not a quid pro quo, but asking for something

in exchange for something else: That’s tantamount to, the dictionary, definition — of a quid — pro quo.

Billy The Kid returns lethal fire with ‘smoking gun’ testimony. It confirms that the US had indeed been involved seemingly surreally

in a quid pro quo. What Mick said became an instant classic, Kinsley gaffe: A politician … telling — truth —accidentally.

Increasingly, no one wants to defend Don. But the White House press secretary called the impeachment inquiry “a coordinated smear campaign from

far-left lawmakers … waging war on the Constitution,” self-servingly adding that Don “has done nothing wrong.”


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