The sudden empowerment of Turkish-backed Syrian militias; yet another turnaround in Syria’s eight-year-old war. Evidence of, coercion.

President Don’s decision to pull US troops out before a Turkish military incursion makes less sense now than it did then.

Donny got rolled by Turkey. Imperative, the release of what Don and Erdogan said on their call; and by extension, what Don has said in one-

on-one meetings, like the Helsinki, Finland, meeting with his frenemy handler, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Don’s combative personal style and dominating presence in the nation’s political discourse have made for a deplorably and extraordinarily, tight

bond with a new GOP base. More middle and lower, income, Americans. His lying words, their steely bond … of might.

The plot, thickens. While the former first lady didn’t refer to Gabbard by name it was clear that she was going after the Hawaii congresswoman

— who has had, too often to deny accusations of being a Russian asset. Art sees a 3rd party, and a pretty, woman.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the European Union may soon have to consider whether to grant to Boris a brief delay

— or a longer delay; permitting, a general election or possibly even, a second referendum. Vladimir is furious about additional British delays.

This is madness! Witness: Multiple current and former administration officials are cooperating with House Democrats in their impeachment

inquiry, into the president. And Republicans, in force, are criticizing Don over his hotel and his Syrian, predicament.

The backlash has forced Don to back down over his hotel, but not, Syria. As Assad, Khamenei and Putin, bemusedly, look on. Monsters

are men who dispassionately look upon human suffering; reserving passion, for new borders. Such men are God-awful, monsters.

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