Don, akin to Faust, having sold his soul for renown, now must suffer, the karmic, consequences of the perfect ugliness of that dubious deal.

Republican enablers, having shaken hands with the president are all going down with him. THAT … was … the deal.

“Fame and riches in exchange for your soul; the very same deal I offered to Faust; a classic, as ye know. So buy, now, and pay, later.

Ye have sold your souls to me, the one and only Devil. All shaking hands with the president … go down with him, later.”

“Shaking President Donald’s hand condemns one to go down with him. In exchange for your souls; fame, power and riches. Similar to the deal

offered to Faust; a deal — classic. So buy now and pay, later. I am the Devil. I know best, how … to make, a deal.”

Out of this scandal, “Russia is interested in making Trump weaker, Zelensky weaker, Biden weaker.” So says Grigory Frolov, head of an

organization called the Free Russia Foundation; Russia‘s working on a trifecta. It is what it is. That’s what’s happening.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: Secretly, he loves, Hollywood movies. And sometimes, late at night, posing before his vanity, he melodramatically

screams “Look at me, Momma! I’m on top of the world!” And only seemingly incredibly, he is — really — surreally.

“Look at me, Momma! I’m on top of the world!” And only seemingly incredibly, he apparently, really, is. Of his Cabal, he is, it’s founding, father.

Vladimir Putin: And deep-state-like secretly, he has been, with some help from his friends, amassing, power.

Amassing power is Vlad’s Cabal. And between them, the Cabalists have amassed, indeed, a great deal, of power. Power from wealth power from

weapons; and power from prisons, they’ve amassed. And presiding over all of them is Vladimir Vladimirovich … Putin.

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