Even President Vladimir has become unnerved by President Donald, the Russians’, heretofore, most highly prized, asset. An asset, American,

asset, compromised; not a true, agent. But now, he’s gone rogue; now, he threatens everyone, whether Russian … or American.

Don is the ugliest American ever. Sent by the fates, not Heaven certainly, to Vlad’s motherland — in Russia’s Moscow — in 2013. ‘Twas then,

Donald was injected with the Russian, Novichok, neurotoxin. Now Don’s doubling down on investigating … the Bidens.

Don’s on line allies troll for him whenever Republicans show any sign of a breaking of ranks. But what’s even more deplorable than white

nationalism is that we’ve gotten sucked into a mold. Our brains, sucked out, we trust the governors to do what’s right.

“The best disinformation is built around a kernel of truth,” says Mr Kalensky, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council focusing on Russian

information operations. “It’s the framing that makes it dangerous.” Protestors become targets of viral, disinformation.

Verily, any critic of The Don becomes a target of viral, disinformation. And verily, the very best disinformation is built around a kernel of truth. Indeed,

the framing of disinformation is what makes it, very dangerous. Verily … ‘tis guilt … by association … indeed.

Any critic of The Don knows, beforehand, they become a target for trolls. Trolls; modern day recreations of ancient, shape-shifting, mischief

makers. Disinformation. The best, shaped around, kernels, of truth — fake news — propaganda; to make … mischief.

@GretaThunberg: Please follow Art. Putin’s comments followed an invitation made to the climate activist by Vasily Vlasov to speak in Russia’s,

state parliament. And take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity offered ye, to speak in Vladimir’s, Russia.

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