And the plot, thickens. Don abandons, on short notice, his sometimes, erstwhile, allies, the Kurds. The Don values loyalty,

particularly … loyalty to him. And he has told Republicans he doesn’t want impeachment on his ‘resume’ marring his legacy.

President Donald’s legacy; it’s important albeit only, to him. Verily, the plots, are thickening; as the president, seemingly, everyday, slurs,

someone, or another. The Don values loyalty. Loyalty to him. Burrs, under his saddle — are — the whistleblowers.

Burrs under his saddle are the whistleblowers; whistleblowers like his deep-state co-author
(from the future) brother Arthur.

President Donald’s legacy may be everyday slurring someone or another. Don values loyalty to him not whistleblowers, like Arthur.

Don values loyalty. To him, not whistleblowers. But plot twists, ever unexpectedly, thicken, plots. And with whistleblowers seemingly

everywhere, government by the governors seemingly has been left — up — in the air, oh so … predictably … unexpectedly.

Governing by the governors has been left up in the air, predictably, unexpectedly. President Don values loyalty. But to him, not whistleblowers.

Sudden plot twists, ever unexpectedly, thicken, plots. The Donald’s legacy may be diplomatic tweets on Twitter.

A cautionary tale: A bride-to-be walked in on her groom-to-be sexually assaulting her drunken bridesmaid just days ere unhappy

days. Only to stupidly marry him, later. Don told the GOP: “Just forget everything anyway and marry me, stupidly.”
cc: @dccc @GOP

Amassing power is Vlad’s Cabal. And between them, the Cabalists have amassed, indeed, a great deal, of power. Power from wealth power from

weapons; and power from prisons, they’ve amassed. And presiding over all of them is Vladimir Vladimirovich … Putin.

Governments, on Urantia, generally, are corrupt. As are their governors, more or less, and by and large. In it for themselves are government

governors. Don may spill for the record their secrets on Twitter; and secrets revealed may spawn, re-enlightenment.

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