The United States and Saudi Arabia lack virtually any allies as they consider how to respond to this weekend’s attacks on the Saudi

refineries. Raising grave doubts about the president’s policies, his credibility and especially his questionable … sanity.

Oil output will be fully back online by the end of September and the Aramco IPO is right on track the Saudi Arabians, say. On the Saudis‘

mere say-so, the markets recover. Proving —Crown Prince Mohammad didn’t have Jamal Khashoggi — dismembered, in Turkey.

“The Saudi air defenses have been proved completely worthless,” said Michael Knights, a scholar at the Washington Institute for Near East

Policy. “They are not going to be ready for Round 2.” And Jared’s peace plan, may not bring peace, to the Middle East.

@HassanRouhani: No nation is the enemy of another for long. Nor are we locked into friendship with any nation. Hostilities and alliances —ebb and

flow. Iranians and Saudis are neither friends nor enemies … naturally. ‘Frenemies’, maybe. Lunch, in Tehran?

@HassanRouhani: Lunch — or dinner — in Tehran? Or, alternatively, Riyadh? Or maybe Mecca, the hottest city on Earth. Teheran may be,

being more temperate, more conducive to talks of peace, be. And so President Rouhani please … let it be.
cc: @ar_khamenei

So Art tweets o/b/o Don, what he would have tweeted Iran, had he — a Mulligan — a do-over. If he might, in the spirit of fraternity, offer peace

talks, unconditional; talks, unconditional man to man not child to man, for the sake of peace. cc: @ar_khamenei

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