October 1 looms over the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong as a whispered deadline for the ruling, Communist Party — Chinese

— to take action to end the unrest. October 1, 2019. It’s the 70th anniversary of a nation of more than a billion, Chinese.

Oh no! Not Molotov cocktails with just over two weeks to go before a major Chinese political moment on the first day of October: 70th anniversary

celebrations seem inevitably leading to clashes in Hong Kong between China’s communism and American democracy.

The Don’s warning echoed one he made in June after Iran shot down an American surveillance drone. He said then that the military had been

“cocked and loaded” for a strike against Iran. Half-cocked and seemingly half-loaded, Don loves that military jargon.

Iran works jointly with other allied groups in the region including Hamas in Gaza and Syria and Shiite militias in Iraq and Hezbollah, in Lebanon.

The Houthis may not have struck on their own but it is possible they may have done so, with the help of Iran.

Supporting Iraq in its war with Iran in the 1980s proved to be extremely shortsighted, yielding more problems than it solved. The wars following

since, have produced, no benefit. Supporting Saudi Arabia in its war in Yemen seems equally, uninviting.

Welcome Urantians to the post Obama, US of The Don. Apprentice president Don oft says, “Cash talks and bullshit, walks. And nobody

walks the walk like me. Nobody talks the talk like me. Not in China — Not in Russia. Not even in — Saudi Arabia. Not, nobody!

“Nobody walks the walk like me. And nobody talks the talk like me. Not in China. Not in Russia. Not even in, Saudi Arabia. Absolutely, nobody!

Only me can do it. Because me’s been chosen. To make America first, to the bottom. From first to last, surreally.


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