The plot, thickens. Some as of yet unknown entity has attacked Saudi Arabian oil facilities. The attacks may drive up oil prices quickly and very

likely may also rattle investor confidence in an IPO of Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian national, oil company.

The strikes mark the latest in a series of attacks on Saudi Arabian oil assets in recent months, as tensions rise among Iran (and their Houthi proxies)

and Saudi Arabia and their American, partners. But Iran has beyond the Houthis, other, Iranian, proxies.

Drone attacks launched by Yemeni rebels on Saudi oil facilities on Saturday have exposed the threat to critical infrastructure in the kingdom.

Saudi facilities, increasingly, vulnerable; a bad omen, for the markets; as is, this attack … upon the kingdom.

A bad omen for the markets are increasingly vulnerable Saudi infrastructure and facilities. Like this attack on the kingdom. Iran denies

carrying out, crippling attacks on the Saudi oil facilities. They only threaten to attack; real attacks … they deny.

The Saudi oil-field attack adds a new factor to consider for The Donald’s Federal Reserve, which has been weighing how geopolitical questions,

will influence economic outlooks, including trade wars, unrest in Hong Kong, and Britain’s exit, from the Union.

Donald’s Secretary of State accuses Iran of being behind the attacks, ruling out Yemeni involvement, and denouncing Tehran for diplomacy,

false. Lightning fast has been the American investigation of the attack. But The Don nonetheless confides in his trademark, Twitter Diplomacy.

The attack ignited huge fires at Saudi Aramco’s Abqaiq oil processing facility, interrupting about 5.7 million barrels of production of crude oil

— over 5 percent of the world’s — daily supply. Oil tanks, on land; easier targets, than tankers asea, of oil.

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