President Rouhani, let it be. Whether the repast be breakfast, lunch or dinner and whether the dining is in Riyadh or Tehran, or elsewhere,

taketh, the high road. Higher, than the Saudi-American, tag-team. Now that Iran has outwitted them and has them below, take them, elsewhere.

And the plot thickens. Just two hours ago the Iranians were considering inviting Don to dinner. Now with the news of a possible bombshell

whistleblower complaint about Don’s communications with a foreign leader the Iranians may opt to await, the bombshell.

The complaint remains, a mystery. But the events that preceded the whistleblower complaint, his Oval Office disclosure of classified information

to Russians and a pledge he said he would make to North Korea’s Kim, have led to plenty, of juicy, speculation.

And the plot, thickens. The complaint remains, for the moment, a mystery. But the Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is very, suspect.

In the weeks before the complaint was filed Don spoke with Vladimir Putin of Russia. Vlad’s a prime, suspect.

The ironies are killing Arthur. Ironies like unwise men naming themselves, Homo sapiens; like too few, ruling too many. And rulers favoring one another. Witness: “I got ye elected; now I need your promise to relieve me from, crushing, American, sanctions.”

Don could not be doing more damage to US if he tried. He simply doesn’t know what he’s doing. He doesn’t think before he acts. He threatens;

and backs down. Bullying the weak. Fawning, to the strong. Pursuing ‘big-shtick diplomacy’, he is to all, a threat.

Asked what the consequence of a US or Saudi military strike on Iran would be, “All-out war,” replied the Iranian Foreign Minister. A strategy, Iranian

mirroring Chinese and Russian, strategies. To just wait for a next president. It’s the strategy, Iranian.

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