Industrial-scale, tree, planting. Brilliant. Simple. And effective. It is as if The Almighty, in His Wisdom, is having the black man save his brother, the white

man, from disparate, incongruent, and mistaken, technologies. To unite, non-whites, and whites.

Critics of Mr Abiy say he’s using the campaign to distract the public from challenges his government is facing. Like ethnic conflicts, forcing, millions,

from their homes. Would that The Donald so, distract US; with volunteer-planted, sapling trees, by the billions.

@GOP @dccc: Would that our white supremacist President still be angling for a Nobel by hook or by crook. Donald’s been warming up to an idea:

Planting trees along the southern, border wall. Volunteers, work for free. He’ll just steal, the Ethiopian’s, idea.

@GretaThunberg and @PMEthiopia: A noble, Nobel-worthy idea, a white supremacist President would cynically steal from his Ethiopian President,

contemporary. President Don is duly considering planting trees along the border wall to be re-elected, president.

Tree planting, everywhere. Planting trees just as fast as we can. A noble, Nobel-worthy idea tossed about last night, at the Cabal’s, evening, soirée,

lunar. President Don is considering stealing, Ethiopian, thunder, The Don revealed last night, in soirée.

In soirée last night Don gave the Cabal and their guests, insight, into a top-secret, strategy. Acclaim, Ibrahim‘s, climate crisis, stratagem. A noble,

Nobel-worthy, idea, not to be less than nobly stolen, from the Ethiopian, Ibrahim, just to win, a Nobel.

The Donald’s pissed. Xi is just stringing him along. A reflection, Don knows, of who Xi believes is going to win, come, 2020. Good will’s scarce, but tariffs,

he’s got, up the ying-yang. Doubling down, Don makes even more Chinese goods, subject to tariffs.

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