Things might be better without him, Vlad’s been thinking. He was helpful in Ukraine. And he’s helped polarize and divide both Britain and US. But the Law

of Diminishing Returns is setting in. And lately Don’s been forgetting that President Vlad, is the Law.

Just as France’s Louis the XIV proclaimed himself to be the ‘state’, so too President Vladimir Putin considers himself to be the state — and the Law.

Running afoul of the law, has been The Don. “I’ll be rid of him by stretching, the long arm, of the law.”

Doubling down, Don makes even more Chinese goods, subject to tariffs. Good will’s nil but he’s got a base; and rafts of tariffs up the proverbial, ying-yang.

Xi knows Don’s not winning in 2020. He is, persona non-grata in Beijing, Moscow and … Pyongyang.

Persona non-grata is The Donald; in Beijing, Moscow and Pyongyang. Only in Riyadh and in homes, Evangelically — and white, supremely — American,

does Don feel welcome. Don’s not winning in 2020. He’s made too many enemies, internationally; and, in America.

Xi pushed back against Don’s latest tariff threat on Friday, saying the world’s largest economy ought give up (America First) illusions, shoulder more

responsibility and come back to the right track; to compromise; to diplomatically end a global trade war.

Terminated on Friday also was another major treaty; a relic, really of the Cold War; the Intermediate Nuclear Forces agreement. Don, has plans. For war,

presidents plan, all along; testing, weapons. To start, if necessary, the MAD war, to … end, all war.

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