Greenland is home to the world’s second-largest ice sheet. When it melts significantly as it is expected to re-do this year, the effect on weather

and sea levels across the globe, is dramatic. It’s late. But not too late, to prepare for, inclement weather.

Ethiopia plants 350 million trees in 12 hours. Kudos to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed @PMEthiopia and to his able Minister of Innovation and (Change)

Technology, @DrGetahun. To restore Ethiopia’s, green, landscape. One eroded by, deforestation and climate change.

Planting billions of trees, worldwide; the cheapest and most effective way to confront, the climate crisis. Tree absorb carbon dioxide. Tree planting

promises the removal of a large portion of our heat-trapping emissions. All that, just from tree planting.

All that, just from trees. About 300 billion metric tons of man-made carbon pollution has been produced over 25 years. But planting an area of trees

approximately the size of US could remove 205 billion metric tons of carbon. All that, just … from trees.

WOW! The Ethiopian peoples planted more than 350,000,000 trees in just 12 hours on Monday. The mass tree planting setting Guinness, and Ethiopian,

world, records. More importantly, Ethiopia’s setting a great example, to the planet. Out of Africa, Ethiopia.

It is late. But not too late, perhaps. For from out of Africa is come a sort of African, 7th Cavalry. Out of Ethiopia, a Nobel-worthy, idea. Out of Ethiopia,

great ideas, on the cheap. Large, industrial scale, tree, planting. Let us, freely copy, Ethiopia!

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