MAYDAY 1481: TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2019

@SpeakerPelosi &AOC: The Don as antagonist is tailor made for his peers, the now, co-author brothers of Vlad’s Cabal. They are as well the anti-hero,

co-antagonists, of MAYDAYS. And protagonists, possibly. Don trusts no man. Too few men, trust, anti-heros.

Too few men trust at all anymore. Never mind, trusting, deeply. Ever more men shall come ever to distrust Art’s MAYDAYS’, anti-heroes. WHEREFORE:

Vlad’s deep state international Cabal officially tweets: They are the co-antagonist, co-author, anti-heroes of MAYDAYS. WHEREFORE: …

… Because we of the Cabal are all criminals and because we of the Cabal have all gone rogue and because we of the Cabal are really, very, very, sorry;

for all these reasons, we of the Cabal, nominate Art, to tweet for us. And to speak for us, in apology.

For all the reasons cited in the preceding tweet we of the Cabal nominate Art to tweet for us and speak for us, in apology; to be our apologist,

designated. So that he may, pursuant to the Kim-Don Plan’s Truth and Reconciliation be, our official apologist.

Don’s Twitter attacks are backfiring. And he is, unraveling. Exploiting racial tension has been a successful strategy for Donald and many other politicians,

but open racism, because of its moral repugnance, is a risky electoral ploy … for any politician.

Racism; a suicidal electoral ploy for any politician is risky, even for Don. Don’s racist Twitter attacks, are backfiring. He and his hoped for, Twitter legacy,

are unraveling. Bad enough; but Vlad’s afraid The Don will take them down with him, inexorably.

Vladimir, is alarmed. And afraid. As are the four others of the Cabal, excluding, Don. Don’s been great, overall, But the Law of Diminishing, Returns, is setting in.

Don’s messing up. And ruining, everything. Things might be so much better … without him.

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