MAYDAY 1486: FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2019

Don takes indefensible positions. His biases, not any Golden Rule, ruling, over him. Witness his acts. And his policies. Acts and policies promoting, Don

on Urantia, promotes; the discord — and rancor — he favors. Discord. And rancor. They do so favor, The Don.

Discord. And rancor. They oft favor The Don. And oft indefensible are the positions President Don takes, even amongst, his supporters. President Don‘s

acts and policies promote discord and rancor. Liked by a base, base, of disaffected Caucasians, like Don.

@POETSorg: For a stay-out-of-jail card’s lifetime pass, Don’s counting on a base, base. Narrow Evangelicals; avowed, white supremacists;

opportunists, and other, disaffected, Caucasians. Like, the President. Not all of the base are white. Nor, supremacist.

@AlbertoRiosAZ: In character Art tweets to thee. He prays thee see, in Twitter’s algorithm, a potential, transcendent. For there is a verse

couplet, in every 280 characters. In plain sight before US, a tool, potentially, transcendent. Invaluable … verse.

@POETSorg: In character, Art tweets. Tweeting in 280 characters, purposely. So that all may someday see in Twitter’s groundbreaking algorithm,

transcendent, potential. There is a grand, potential, transcendent, hidden in plain sight in Twitter’s algorithm.

@JoyHarjo: In character, Art tweets. In 280 characters, precisely. To illustrate Twitter’s algorithm‘s, groundbreaking, potential. For very fine, couplet verse,

in every 280, character, tweet. Mix in, imagination; for transcendent, potential … in verse.

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